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FETC 2013: Project the Lesson

MimioprojectorProductMimio’s latest classroom helper is its MimioProjector interactive projector. Capable of putting a wide-XGA image on a screen, the device can link up with the company’s MimioStudio software and uses an infrared interactive pen to allow teachers and students to write directly on the projected image. It works with PCs, Macs and Linux computers.

FETC 2013: New Board in Town

Bretford whiteboardBretford’s Mobile Interactive Whiteboard is an all-in-one interactive teaching machine on wheels that only requires an ultra-short throw projector to be classroom-ready. The 75-inch board porcelain board works with erasable dry markers as well as most interactive projectors and has a magnetic surface. The whole thing can be adjusted up and down 18-inches to accommodate the smallest child. The board and stand cost $2,163, has a built-in retractable power cord and a shelf that can accommodate up to a 17-inch notebook, making it perfect for rolling from room to room during the school day.

FETC 2013: More Mature Readers

Wtl_logoPearson’s WriteToLearn literacy software has a new feature that can help kids learn to read more fluently. The program includes the company’s Reading Maturity Metric that measures a student’s ability to understand and analyze increasingly complicated informational readings. It’s on display at booth 1001.

FETC 2013: The Color of Math

BgcalcWhile math is generally taught in black and white, Texas Instruments’ TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition can make it stand out with vivid color. The graphic calculator mirrors the current 84 Plus but adds a 2.8-inch screen that can show 16-bit color for everything from show different graphed lines to overlaying an image over a math function to help kids see the connection with the real world. The TI-84 Plus C Silver calculator has a rechargeable battery and is still approved for all major standardized testing environments.

FETC 2013: Smart Cam

Smart doc cam 450The latest classroom doc cam comes from Smart Technologies and has a thing or two to teach. The Document Camera 450 can not only grab images and videos from a wide variety of physical objects – from a magazine article to a melting ice cube. Like earlier Smart doc cams, it supports mixed reality technology that allows a 3-D model to be manipulated via an included cube. It works with all of the company’s projectors and whiteboards and will sell for $800 later this spring.

FETC 2013: Build Your Own Lesson

Online learningTired of canned multimedia lessons that leave the class yawning? NewPath Learning’s Online Learning Program has a slew of ready-to-use interactive elements and the tools needed to bring them together in a compelling lesson plan. The system is aimed at elementary, middle- and high-school classes and has projector-ready material for everything from science and math to language arts and social studies. The basic version is free to use but for $100 per year, you get access to the company’s extensive library of interactive lessons, activities and assessments.


FETC 2013: Bringing 3-D into the Classroom

PL_W16_LT_ANGThe latest classroom projector can not only pump out the brightness with a 3,000 lumen rating, but can put 3-D images onto the screen. Based on its three LCD panels, Epson’s PowerLite W16 features a 1,280 by 800 resolution and works with active-shutter glasses to project 3-D images, CAD models and photos without the need for converter electronics. Look for the $850 PowerLite W16 later this month as well as the stacked W16SK duo, which uses less expensive passive glasses; it costs $1,900. You can see them at booth 709.

FETC 2013: Edu-Search

Noodle.org_Compare_K-12_SchoolsThere are too many general search engines out there to name, but Noodle has one just for students of all ages. The service can help match the right student to the right school, whether it’s an elementary-, middle-, high-school or even a college. There are also study abroad programs and the site offers access to a slew of free online learning and test prep materials. Just fill out a quickie questionnaire to get started and you could win a $4,000 scholarship.


FETC 2013: RuggedBook

X131e ChromebookIf the latest ChromeBooks leave you underwhelmed because they seem too fragile for classroom use, Lenovo has created a rugged ChromeBook. Called the ThinkPad 131e ChromeBook, the system has been designed for the wear and tear that school systems experience, and in fact, the machine has had its screen hinge tested for 50,000 open and close cycles. The system weighs less than 4-pounds and comes with an 11.6-inch screen that can show 1,366 by 768 resolution. Able to connect with all the classroom technology, the ThinkPad 131e has VGA, USB and HDMI ports. Booth 921

Freebee Friday: Making Visitors Welcome

PlascoTracLogoTrack those who can get into your school with PlascoTrac’s Visitor Management Software. Aimed at K-through-12 institutions, the system allows staff to more efficiently and quickly track who is on campus as well as classify them by reason for visit. Inappropriate visitors can be flagged and photos are taken of each visitor for an ID badge. The system costs $600, but there’s a free trial.



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