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Protect and Defend

Inaugural NYTIt's Inaugural day for Barack Obama and we're sure he has a speech written for the occasion, but your class can write its own. The New York Times has an interactive Build Your Own Inaugural Address app on its Web site that's structured like a multiple choice quiz. The interactive Web site has several choices for each major section, although you can't ad lib or write your own lines. In addtion to justifying your past four years of work and acknowledging the importance of the moment, you can talk about the challenges we face as a nation and the proper role of American government. Each section has four choices with rhetoric based on the items gleaned from previous inaugurals. The potential choices hahave the historical precedencent, an explanation as well as a photo of who spoke them. Finally, you need to bring the country together by closing with what we share, an appeal to our sense of duty, how we solved problems of the past or a warning about the results of not cooperating. The best part is you don't have to stand in the cold or go to any of the balls tonight

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