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Stage Set

Belkin TabletStageWith Belkin’s Tablet Stage stand, you can turn just about any tablet into a sophisticated document camera. Unlike most tablet stands, Stage can work with the iPad, iPad Mini as well as a variety of Android slates in either portrait or landscape orientation. The key is that it lets the slate sit exactly where it can best take in the document or science experiment and project it for the whole class to see. It has an adjustable LED light, will cost $200 when it becomes available next month.

Mzl.nvhqgnex.480x480-75There’s also an iPad Stage app that Belkin has created to allow teachers to do everything from sketch an item to annotate what’s on the screen. The free version that’s available now works with still images and videos for a one-two classroom punch. Version 1.1 is coming at the end of the month and will cost $1.99. It adds the ability to record videos and upload them to an online repository.


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