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Projection Ecosystem

BL_Pro_1410Wi_Left Angle_Screen MountEpson’s BrightLink Pro 1410Wi doesn’t just inaugurate a new short-throw interactive projector but a whole teaching ecosystem. By itself the BrightLink Pro 1410Wi is a 3-LCD WXGA short-throw device that puts 3,100 lumens onto a board and has an interactive pen. On top of projecting split screens and saving any items written with the pen, no PC is needed because it can grab and project .pdfs and .jpgs from a memory key and works with Epson’s iProjection iPad app. It comes with a control panel and can link with three other BrightLink Pro projectors in the building, state or globe, creating incredible teaching and training opportunities. BL_Pro_1410Wi_Whiteboard

To make the projector fit into the classroom and school, the BrightLink 1410Wi has three specially designed mounting setups. If you get just the projector and overhead mount, it costs $3,000. With Chief’s aluminum 86-inch whiteboard, projector cover and a place to stash the pens, the package costs $4,000. The whole thing in teak or cherry goes for $4,500. All are subject to a $500 educational discount.


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