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Seeing is Believing

Rather than telling the class about something or maybe drawing a diagram on the board, there’s nothing like showing them something real with a document camera. From watching a chemistry reaction to showing a map of Napoleon’s march to Moscow, visuals can be the difference between an attentive interactive lesson and boredom. These four document cameras can turn anything into a visual lesson.

TT-12-main-2With Elmo’s TT-12 doc cam, the class can see everything in full 1,920 by 1,080 HD resolution. The camera head can rotate 300 degrees to get a good view of just about any small object, including insects and small sculpture. It has a sharp 7X optical zoom, its own LED lighting and there’s a wireless remote control. The document camera costs $720.

Qpc30-book-smallBy contrast, Qomo’s QMO-QPC30 costs $525 and is portable enough to be able to move from classroom to classroom as needed, but it tops out at 720p resolution. Its 2 megapixel camera is mounted on an articulated arm, there’s an LED lighting bar and a 7X lens to zoom in on any subject.

Ipevo Ziggi HDIf you’ve never heard of Ipevo document cameras you probably will, because the company’s Ziggi-HD USB Document Camera costs just $94 yet offers high-end features and abilities like a 5-megapixel camera. There’s a built-in microphone, the system can work with Evernote or Skype for lesson sharing and it comes with the company’s Presenter program.

JustandMaybe you don’t really need an expensive dedicated document camera, after all. You can use an iPad and the Justand. The red stand securely holds an iPad and swings out, allowing its camera to capture what you want to put on the classroom’s big screen. The bonus is that you can see and adjust what’s being projected on the iPad’s display. It’s a bargain at $89.



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