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A Cure for the Summertime Blues

ClcSummertime is coming and what do you do when you’re finished cutting the grass, raking the leaves and cleaning out the attic? How about brushing up your skills for creating STEM labs? Over the summer, Catalyst Learning Curricula is running five professional development seminars that can turn your regular old science labs into memorable interactive learning experiences. From “Helping Students Design Labs and Analyze Data in AP/IB Science” (June 10 to 14) and “Critical-thinking Activities for Teaching Genetics” (June 17 to 21) to “Critical-thinking Activities for Teaching Cell Biology” (June 24 to 28), “Critical-thinking Activities for Teaching Anatomy and Physiology” (July 8 to 12) and “Critical-thinking Activities for Teaching Ecology” (July 15 to 19). They’ll all be held at a hotel in Ashville, North Carolina, cost $490 and include a slew of lesson plans, lab experience and help in planning next year’s syllabus. 


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