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Lights, Camera, Savings

As tablets and smartphones infiltrate into the classroom, they’re being relied upon for a variety of tasks once reserved for desktop or notebook PCs. That now includes video editing because they have the power to edit and playback clips either made with a video camera or with the slate itself. Here’re my favorite video editors that won’t break the bank because they are all free or available at minimal cost. Next stop, the Oscars. 

Wevideo aForget about paying for video editing software because WeVideo now has an Android app for making movies on the cheap. The program lets you control a phone’s camera directly, easing the compilation of your clips. There’s a slew of transitions, effects, filters and the app can even save the project to WeVideo’s online servers for storage. It works on a small variety of phones, including Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Nexus and Sony Xperia Z. It’s free to download and use and you only pay $2 when you want to export the video or go over the 2GB online storage limit.

Splice bAs its name implies, Splice lets you put together a movie from a series of video clips. It can be used on the iPad or many iPhone models and allows you to not only put together a series of video clips on a timeline but mix in photos and several audio tracks, like music, voice-overs or natural sound. You can integrate text anywhere on the screen and the software comes with several visual and sound effects as well as video transitions. When it’s ready, Splice lets you share it through social networking or on YouTube. The best part is that Splice is a freebee and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

Social bIf your school can’t decide between Android and iPads, think HighlightCam Video Editor, a free app that can turn a pile of clips into a cool video with only a small amount of effort, making it ideal for small kids putting together mini-movies of a video diary, a field trip or the entire school year. The action of editing takes place automatically, and all you do is pick the clips and a theme. When the video is the way you want it, it can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other outlets. A big bonus is that the app is a freebee.

Movieaid aMovieAid can turn an iPhone, iPad or Android device into a movie machine. After selecting the clips you want to use, the app lets you arrange them in sequence, add transitions, titles and a sound track. Everything can be dragged into position and pinched to zoom in and out. It’s free, but the $2 Pro version allows you to use slow-motion or time lapse sequences and create vids that are longer than 1 minute. After previewing the cinematic creation, it can be exported as an .MP4 video or posted on a variety of social-media sites.



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