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ISTE 2013: Professional Development, the Easy Way

Atomic learningAtomic Learning has six new professional development courses designed to get teachers up to speed on the latest software. They are online now and cover these topics:

* Office 2013, What’s New Training is an overview of up to date changes and additions to the office suite

* Excel 2013, Pivot Tables Training quickly and efficiently explains and demonstrates how to use Excel’s Pivot tables at least as well as your students can.

* 3D Dreams, Google SketchUp 8 Project shows how to use this 3-D drawing and walk-through app.

* Internet Explorer 10 Training, teaches teachers how to navigate the lastest Microsoft Web browser.

* JQuery Mobile Training instructs in the use of Adobe’s Dreamweaver CS6 environment

* Skype 6 Training can help you get the most out of the phone and video conference app.

It can all be done on a basic computer or with the company’s iPad app.


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