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The Rhythm Method

Max_lind_MG_7763_RV2_cut9inchFor early learners, getting them to focus on a lesson is half the battle, but BrainBeat can help by training children to pay attention and expand their ability to focus and learn. Based on cognitive research and aimed at students between 6- and 12-years old, BrianBeat’s hardware plugs into a computer and attaches to the child’s hand. The children go through 14 20-minute sequential training sessions by clapping to the beat and in response to Nigel, the game’s digital trainer. He not only explains things and gives encouragement, but the game provides instant feedback. It may sound more like a music lesson but BrainBeat can help them pay attention, listen better and learn to deal with frustration. The kit works with PCs and Macs, is easy to set up and costs $245.



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