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The Complete Classroom

Samsung-smart-school-67-0Why take your chances with equipment and software from a variety of vendors that might or might not work together when Samsung can outfit a school, an entire classroom at a time. The center of attention is Samsung’s 55-inch interactive monitor that is just as good for a teacher marking up a map of the 13 colonies as it is for students trying to solve math problems for the class to see. The teacher and students use Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets to do their assignments, and at any time the teacher can have any of them shown on the class’s big screen.

Soti mobicontrolSoti’s MobiControl is the glue that binds the Samsung School together with the ability to remotely configure systems, load software and lock-out settings. The best part for BYOD schools, the software works with PCs, Macs, Androids and iPads.

In the Samsung School classroom, flexibility is the key with the teacher able to display his system, monitor any student’s screen or share content. At any time, the teacher can give the class an on-the-spot assessment. The typical classroom with 20 students including all hardware and software costs about $20,000.




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