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Take your Stand

0f60a7dd-371b-4469-852a-00415ff98ad4Who says that teachers need to stay in their seats at school?  Steelcase’s Nurture Pocket cart is a standing desk on wheels that can not only go just about anywhere in a school but allow kids and adults to be more attentive and focused on their school work. Originally designed for use in healthcare as a nurse’s cart, the Pocket can let an instructor roam around a classroom or school without leaving the desk behind. 

Made of pressed steel, Pocket is on the heavy side, but the cart’s four lockable casters roll quietly, smoothly and without much effort. The placement of its wheels mirrors the dimensions of the desk, which makes it hard to trip over them. Painted in neutral tones, the tabletop is available in two sizes: 22- by 22.5- and 24- by 25-inches of desktop space. The work surface is textured, has a rounded lip that serves as a wrist rest for a keyboard or a notebook and magnetic items stick to it. 

Either size desk provides more than enough room for a notebook or tablet, but the bigger one can also hold a small projector or a file filled with papers. While the basic model’s work surface is set at a height of 36-inches, there’s also a height-adjustable model with a work surface that can be set from 31.4- to 41-inches.

B7300308-4c82-4687-a01a-29724e37860eI particularly like the inclusion of the Pocket’s integrated handle that allows it be pulled just about anywhere short of a staircase. There are several Pocket options, including a monitor arm that allows it to be used with a small desktop PC, integrated drawers and even magnetic cup holders that work perfectly for pens and pencils.

While the Pocket cart has gained some traction as a teacher’s mobile desk, it could work just as well for students. With the tabletop surface at its lowest setting, it makes for a good seated desk, but can be wheeled out of the way or into groups for collaboration.  While casters and height adjustment mechanism are covered for 12- and 5- years, the rest of the Pocket cart is guaranteed for life.

Expect to pay between $600 and $1,450 for the cart, making it a flexible teaching tool that most schools can afford. But, most of all, it lets teachers stand up for education.



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