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Math Done Write

Tabtor 3So much of math education (and learning) happens with a pencil and paper that a room full of notebook and tablets isn’t a big help. That is until Tabtor Math, an ingenious program that can make math concepts and operations as easy as writing on an iPad. That’s because the curriculum is stylus-based and includes the ability for the teacher to see exactly how each student solved a problem. The student can even verbally ask for help.

Tabtor 6The Teacher version of Tabtor includes the ability to see how much time each student spent on each problem, can mark-up the solution for further work or even send the child an audio note with hints or help. At the moment, the system has about 2,000 problems for K-through-6th grade math, but encourages teachers to share their lessons and problems. The iPad app is free but the content costs $50 a month per student, but there are school and district volume discounts. The company offers a two-week trial.




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