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Physics, by the Book

81rt8rmff9L._SL1500_Looking to spice up your science curriculum with real-world advances? Tom Jackson’s “Physics, an Illustrated History of the Foundations of Science” has a series of detailed breakthroughs that have changed our world. Part of a series of science books about the periodic table, math and the universe, “Physics” explains it all in short stories about the scientists and researchers. The topics range from Newton’s laws and Brownian motion to string theory and superfluidity. All told, the book explains 100 different exciting topics with beautiful illustrations and archival illustrations. There’s a great pull-out timeline of physics advances that can be hung from any classroom wall but has a just-as-useful list of constants printed on the back, so it’s either or. The book lists for $25 but can be had for less than $19 if you shop around.


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