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Power Printer

HP-Officejet-Enterprise-Color-MFP-X585Forget the conventional wisdom that schools need to use laser printers to get the speed and sharp output they require. By reformulating its printing technology, HP’s OfficeJet Enterprise Color MFP X585 uses ink and is proud of it. The system can pump out up to 70 pages of homework or worksheets per minute while using one-tenth the power of a laser printer. According to the company, its monochrome output costs about 0.8 cents per page.

It delivers sharp 600 dot-per-inch prints with a new pigment-based smudge-free ink HP-Officejet-Enterprise-Color-MFP-X585_1that comes in large canisters that are economical to use. The X585 has an innovative set of 40,000 tiny stationary ink nozzles that put the image onto the paper as it passes by rather than moving the jets back and forth above the sheet. This is not only faster, quieter and more efficient, but the machine doesn’t rock back and forth as it prints. The printer has a pop-up 8-inch screen and pull-out keyboard for interacting with it. Pricing ranges from $2,000 to $2,800.



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