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Tablet that Goes Both Ways

HP_Pro_x2_612_FrontLeftOpen_UndockingThere’s no shortage of hybrid tablets with snap-on keyboards that are great at being a slate but not so good at being a keyboard-centric notebook. HP’s ProBook X2 612 is first and foremost a notebook with a comfortable keyboard that can be removed, revealing a 12.5-inch tablet. The system can be ordered with a Pentium, Core i3 or i5 processor and includes a smartcard reader as well as a passive pressure-sensitive stylus. There’re two optional backlit keyboards that turn the X2 612 into a full notebook: one has a second battery for extra time away from an AC outlet and the other is lighter but has a kickstand for upright use. Look for the X2 612 model later this summer starting at $600 (for the tablet) and $800 (with a keyboard).


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