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Next-Gen Robot

8ae513f143c2125d14469bec810ff2cf_largeWhen Birdbrain’s Duo kit comes out later this year it will have been worth the wait. The system is being funded by a KickStarter campaign that has exceeded its goal and should be available in November. Like other Birdbrain kits, Duo combines the ability to program a sophisticated processor with input sensors and output actuators with arts and crafts. In other wrods, everyone’s bot is different. The robot is tethered to the controlling computer and can be programmed in Scratch, Snap or Create Lab Visual Programmer.



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The Duo improves upon the existing Hummingbird in that the Duo can function either as a Hummingbird or as an Arduino Leonardo. When in Arduino mode, it can run untethered from the computer, yet still take advantage of the various Hummingbird ports.

Full disclosure: I work for the CMU CREATE Lab, and part of my job is writing desktop software for the Hummingbird, including the CREATE Lab Visual Programmer.

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