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1_Adobe 2014 CC ReleaseThe magic of Adobe’s Creative Cloud is that the entire suite of visually-oriented software is not only available for download (ridding us of pesky CDs) but they can be updated whenever needed. Get ready, because the suite has updated itself with 14 revamped apps, from Photoshop and Illustrator to InDesign and Premiere Pro. All have extra features as well as further moving towards a common interface among the Creative Cloud’s apps. There’re even a new sketching, line drawing and Photoshop apps for iPads.

3_Adobe Ink Slide AppsBut, by far, the biggest change is the introduction of physical drawing tools for CC software. The $200 set includes Ink, a pressure-sensitive stylus that connects to an iPad via a Bluetooth link, and Slide, an innovative ruler that also can be a digitally-oriented French curve and protractor. Both are sleek looking, clad in aluminum skins and can help kids learn the basics of drafting and mechanical drawing with an iPad.



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