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The Teacher-Friendly Robot

Bo_Yana_Small-44df033cb5f6d11f304bcb64dd85aa16Robots are a great way to introduce programming and basic physics to kids, but products like Lego’s Mindstorms can be a bit intimidating with hundreds of parts to put together. Enter Bo and Yana, two small robots from Play-I that come assembled and have a lot of potential for kids. Yana is a small sphere that can interact with the world, while Yana adds the ability to move.

They connect with an iPad via Bluetooth to get their commands and have a simple visual programming interface. You add pieces of code together to create a routine for the robot to perform and can check it on a software simulator before using it on Bo or Yana. This way an entire class can get by with a single robot for performing their maneuvers once they’ve been tested.

Smartphone-mount-2012b8825b4f8a060a6a17c364c28d68The best part is that there’re a couple of accessories that make these robots much more interesting. My favorite is the clip-on xylophone so that Bo and Yana can learn and perform music. There’s also a simple smartphone You can pre-order the robots now with delivery expected by October.


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