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Freebee Friday: PDFs For Free

SmallpdfWho needs expensive Adobe software when you can make a class full of Acrobat files for free with Small PDF? The free site has advertising but it’s unobtrusive and easily ignored. It works within a Web browser and can not only turn text and or images into .pdf files that will open on any computer but you can combine .pdf files, split ones or delete parts from others. About the only you can’t do is directly scan to a .pdf file, but you can turn an image file into an Acrobat document.


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Great tip, these days there are many alternatives to Adobe software when it comes to PDF files.

Can I suggest for a future edition of Freebee Friday covering other free tools out there for working with PDF files, such as http://www.sejda.com

I think Sejda is interesting because it has no ads and it's completely free for education: http://www.sejda.com/teachers


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