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Freebee Friday: Mummies, Uncovered

MummyMummies are the subject of a real-world exhibit at New York’s American Museum of Natural History and the stars of an online show as well. The presentation, which originated at Chicago’s Field Museum, is a historical testament to the way people lived and died in the ancient world. There are mummies along with many of the items they were buried with. In addition to the expected Egyptian mummies, there are ones from Peru.

MummiesWith the help of the latest CT scanning technology, isotopic investigation and DNA analysis, archaeologists have been able to peer inside mummies. This virtual unwrapping revealed a lot about mummy no. 30007 and her world. Her bones are clearly on view without having to unroll her burial shroud or disturb her journey into the afterlife. Plus, scientists have taken all the information about mummy no. 30007 and put it together in an eerie sculptural recreation of what she might have looked like before she died of tuberculosis, something like 2,000 years ago.

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