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LogoAfter a run of more than 10 years -– and about 4,000 posts -– this is the last Tech Tools update. It has been an amazing decade that has witnessed the advent of novel digital teaching techniques, personalized learning, Web-based curriculum platforms and inexpensive classroom technologies that have enlivened education while stimulating students and taxing the imaginations of teachers and administrators. Along the way, we learned how to enhance education with projectors, tablets and all sorts of software and online services.

As you might guess, after a decade, there’s more than enough thanks to go around, but I need to start with the product makers whose support and cooperation I could not have done without. Next up, those at Scholastic who have helped make Tech Tools a success.

But, most of all, I need to thank you, the reader. You’ve always been central to the Tech Tools mission and coverage. You deserve the lion’s share of the credit by coming to Tech Tools daily to see the latest in school technology.

Keep an eye out for a new and improved Tech Tools that might have a different name. In this age of rapid technological change, anything really is possible.



I want to say thank you, the reader. You’ve always been innermost to the Tech Tools mission and coverage.

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