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It’s Elementary

Ctc.jpb - CopyMath is one of those subjects where there’s a great range of abilities in primary classes, from those streaking ahead with fractions to those who are still working on the numbers and operations. CTCMath lets you target each with the right curriculum with a learn-at-your-own-pace system that not only is efficient but can build a student’s confidence for the next module. With more than 1,400 lessons, ranging from the first five numbers to calculating harmonic motion, each takes less than 10 minutes to compelte. Most of the lessons have an interactive element, audio and animations as well as a one-page summary that can help make the lesson’s ideas and techniques stick. There are also fully worked out answers to problems to show how it’s done. The online program produces detailed reports for staff and parents on how each child is doing along with where she is in the scheme.

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