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Freebee Friday: Common Core Quizzes

Common core open ed aNeed some help drilling kids in Common Core math and language arts subjects? OpenEd’s free Common Core Quest app can help them show what they know and – more importantly – what they don’t. Available for iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets, Common Core Quest lets kids accumulate badges and ribbons for mastering each category.


Collaborative Test Making

Unify logoThe latest version of Performance Matters’ Unify takes measuring student growth and achievement to new levels by enabling collaboratively created, developed and administered assessments that can be shared within a district. It allows educators to pool their knowledge, experience and resources to create the best tests for the subject.

Freebee Friday: Test for Free

Class Results 3 croppedIf expensive assessments leave a big hole in your budget, Naiku’s Benchmark Now not only can assess and track the progress of every student and class, but also allows the use of in class instant quizzes. Naiku for Teachers costs $159 and adds the ability for teachers to create, share, and import their own assessments. The company’s District product add things like importing existing tests as well as integrating with a student information system and creating school-based reports. There are free trials available.


Freebee Friday: Test, Test, Test

Edulastic bWith probably the most test-heavy school year about to start, what’s a poor teacher to do? Snapwiz’s Edulastic has a new tool to create, administer and grade digital tests, and it’s all free. The tests are given in a secure browser widow, so all members of a class don’t need to all have the same hardware and software. Teachers can get instant feedback on their student’s work.



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