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ISTE UPDATE: The New School is in Session

Samsung-School-Tab_4_Education_-_log-inSamsung School is back with many improvements that make it a great way to take advantage of a classroom of tablets. Version 1.5.6 of School works with Android tablets and lets teachers send resources directly to students, make sure that every student has the current lesson on their slate and deliver assessments to them. Rather than a multiple choice format, they can answer with an image, drawing or even a multimedia clip, making School software very flexible.

Freebee Friday: Beyond Grades

Kickboard dailyactivity2While Kickboard starts with a full-fledged digital gradebook, it now can collect, analyze and share a multitude of academic and behavioral traits for each student. In other words, Kickboard treats each student holistically with the ability to track Common Core standards and literacy level. Teachers, Administrators and parents can call upon a variety of color-coded reports on individuals, classes and full schools.




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