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Freebee Friday: Open Ed Opens Up

Open ed logoOpen Ed’s already inclusive view of what teachers can use in classrooms has just gotten much wider. The software now offers a single log-in for a variety of free curriculum and classroom content by integrating with Edmodo, Canvas, Otus Plus, Schoology and Moodle. Expect more in the coming months.

FETC 2016: Getting the Single Sign-in Message Out

Passport Landing ScreenSchool Messenger is branching out with Passport, a single-sign-in system for schools wanting to consolidate log-in credentials and simplify just about every digital education action. The next step is the company’s Ecosystem, which provides links to a variety of educational resources, enriching the educational experience.

FETC 2016: A New Class Pilot

TtscreenTabPilot’s latest software is an easy-to-use app that lets teachers and admins configure and adjust the settings on a wide variety of classroom systems. Called Teacher Tools for iOS, it works with iPhones and iPads but not Android systems by working through a cloud-based console screen. It uses the company’s TabPilot MDM for Schools configuration specs so that teachers can do everything from resetting a password to getting every system in the room on a specific Web page or route a specific system’s screen to the class’s projector via Apple Airplay.

Epson Gets Smart

06NotebookFeatureBenefit01It’s easy to get Smart Technologies’ Notebook software with their interactive whiteboards, but what if you already have an Epson projector or want to use one? Now, you can mix and match by pairing an Epson BrightLink projector with Smart’s Notebook software for an annual subscription.


Always Connect

Promethean class connectThe latest classroom software from Promethean lets teachers and students communicate and collaborate wirelessly. ClassFlow Connect can not only share items, but lets kids work together and interact with each other. There are versions of the software for phones and tablets as well as PCs, Macs and Chromebooks and you’ll need Promethean’s $749 ClassFlow Connect wireless hardware, which works with any interactive whiteboard. When everyone’s connected, students and teachers can mirror what any participant’s screen shows, share multimedia material and work together on projects.


Freebee Friday: Build Lesson Plans, Together

Participate_learning_homepage_960Need an online space to collaborate on new lesson plans? Participate Learning has created Collections, a place where teachers can work with and compile educational videos, games, Web sites and apps along with other teachers.  Everything sits in a digital folder that any member of the group can access, work with and leave comments.

Mimio Goes Mobile

Starter mimioThe newest version of MimioMobile is now ready for you and your school to try out. Because it runs as a Web service in a browser window, it will work on everything from a Mac and PC to iPads, Androids and Chromebooks; Mimio also has full apps for iOS and Android systems. The starter set is free to try out and comes with a good variety of sample lessons, quizzes and tips.


Freebee Friday: Creative Collaboration

MC170_Collaborate_to_the_Core2-1 copy copyNeed some hints and pointers on how to get kids to work together? Mimio’s “Collaborate to the Core! 2” is a great start. The free book picks up where the 2013 manual ends with lots of real-world help. Inside are seven tips that teachers can use every day, from how to arrange the room to where to find downloadable lessons.



Net Support for all Platforms

Tablets-ss-5Think Netsupport and you think of PCs controlling a classroom with Windows 7 or 8. Well, it goes a bit deeper with a recent release of Version 12 for Windows 10 that puts the emphasis on using the touch screen to control the software. The teacher app has everything from building and distributing lesson plans to NetSupport's Q&A assessment module.

Tablets-ss-6Meanwhile, there’s a new School Tutor app for Android and School Student software for iOS tablets. The former works with Android versions 4.03 and newer with features that range from class-wide surveys and real-time assessments to teacher-student chat zone while the latter can connect on iOS 8.0 and lets teachers view any student’s screen as well as remotely launch URLs.

Freebee Friday: Back to the (Google) Classroom

Google classroomGoogle Classroom has just been heavily revamped for the new school year with things like the ability to recycle posts, integration into Google Calendar and the ability to make due dates optional, which can help with long-term projects. While you’re there, there are more than four dozen tips, tricks and hacks for getting the most out of Google Classroom.



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