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Freebee Friday: Build Lesson Plans, Together

Participate_learning_homepage_960Need an online space to collaborate on new lesson plans? Participate Learning has created Collections, a place where teachers can work with and compile educational videos, games, Web sites and apps along with other teachers.  Everything sits in a digital folder that any member of the group can access, work with and leave comments.

Mimio Goes Mobile

Starter mimioThe newest version of MimioMobile is now ready for you and your school to try out. Because it runs as a Web service in a browser window, it will work on everything from a Mac and PC to iPads, Androids and Chromebooks; Mimio also has full apps for iOS and Android systems. The starter set is free to try out and comes with a good variety of sample lessons, quizzes and tips.


Freebee Friday: Creative Collaboration

MC170_Collaborate_to_the_Core2-1 copy copyNeed some hints and pointers on how to get kids to work together? Mimio’s “Collaborate to the Core! 2” is a great start. The free book picks up where the 2013 manual ends with lots of real-world help. Inside are seven tips that teachers can use every day, from how to arrange the room to where to find downloadable lessons.



Net Support for all Platforms

Tablets-ss-5Think Netsupport and you think of PCs controlling a classroom with Windows 7 or 8. Well, it goes a bit deeper with a recent release of Version 12 for Windows 10 that puts the emphasis on using the touch screen to control the software. The teacher app has everything from building and distributing lesson plans to NetSupport's Q&A assessment module.

Tablets-ss-6Meanwhile, there’s a new School Tutor app for Android and School Student software for iOS tablets. The former works with Android versions 4.03 and newer with features that range from class-wide surveys and real-time assessments to teacher-student chat zone while the latter can connect on iOS 8.0 and lets teachers view any student’s screen as well as remotely launch URLs.

Freebee Friday: Back to the (Google) Classroom

Google classroomGoogle Classroom has just been heavily revamped for the new school year with things like the ability to recycle posts, integration into Google Calendar and the ability to make due dates optional, which can help with long-term projects. While you’re there, there are more than four dozen tips, tricks and hacks for getting the most out of Google Classroom.

Freebee Friday: Focus on Education

FocusUsing the Focus School Software system, teachers can concentrate on teaching and not the intricacies of several apps. The Focus system has three components (Student Information System, Enterprise Resource Planning and Learning Management System) that fit together like a hand in a glove to make using it second nature. It’s scalable from a small elementary school to an entire district and because it is browser-based, there’s no software to load, update and maintain and it will work with just about any computer.

The School Panic Button

Teq spotWhen the unexpected happens, whether it’s a burst pipe that’s flooding the school or an out of control student on the rampage, Teq’s Spot app can set off the alarm. It runs on iPhones and Android phones and at the tap of the screen a teacher or staff member can quickly alert the authorities along with position data where the help is needed on campus. During an emergency, the app can relay vital information to police, fire and rescue crews while informing those in the school that the incident is over. Aimed at K-through-12 schools, the system can deliver instructions as well as emergency contingency plans. The package starts at $4,000.

Data Makes the School

MmsWith standards and assessments at the core of education today, Computer Resources’ MMS Student Information Platform puts data first. It can connect real-time data with standards, grades, absences and even the school’s lunch program so that every student gets the education they deserve. It just got Massachusetts certification for Schools Interoperability Framework, version 2.7 and you can try out a free trial of the software.




Freebee Friday: Taking the Class’s Pulse

Bing pulseEver want to take the pulse of your class’s reaction to the current lesson to see if everyone is getting it? Microsoft’s Bing Pulse lets you do that with students responding to the lesson on their phones with reactions that range from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. Pulse in the Classroom tracks how the class is absorbing the lesson, letting the teacher know on a class-wide basis with an easy to scan fever chart. It’s still in beta, but Pulse can help bring you and your students closer.

Progress at a Glance

Open ed masterySure, Open Ed has a huge library of assignments, assessments and lesson plans, but the group’s Mastery Chart approach brings it all together. In a simple, easy to read format, it can not only show how each student is doing at a glance but it displays who’re leading and who’re lagging. With the requirements listed on the left and the class list along the top, it sets up a matrix of results that can be compared to the class average for each task.



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