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Speak Out and Up

EPA40_P0430_Reflective_webIf you’re having trouble being heard in the gym, auditorium or playground, Behringer’s Eurosound EPA40 can help with a small device that gives even the most petite principal a big voice. Equipped with a 5-inch speaker, the EPA40 comes with a plug-in microphone and can work with a CD player or iPod. It sells for $109, has controls for volume and a battery that can last a whole school day of use.


Sound Off

FoxLO - 2 viewsSmall audio devices like iPods and phones deserve small speakers that pump out solid sound. Sound Matters’s foxLO does the trick with its patented Linear Magnetic Drive woofer technology. The $149 sound system has a 25 watt amp and a passive radiator speaker to produce rich, full audio for small groups. The best part is that it has its own battery and weighs just 1.5 pounds.


FETC 2012: Whale of a Good Speaker

Astronaut-clThe last thing a teacher wants is to be is not heard by the back row of the classroom or go home with a sore throat. Cetacea Sound’s Astronaut series can let the teacher speak in a normal tone of voice, yet be heard everywhere. The small device comes with a 40- or 60-watt amplifier, which should be plenty for even the



Instant Audio

Mini boomboxEvery classroom needs speakers so that the entire classroom can hear audio from a computer, iPad and the occasional digital music player. Logitech makes it easy with its Mini Boombox, which can connect with old fashioned wires or Bluetooth. It’s available for preorders now at $100.



ISTE 2011: Speaking of Speakers

Shlf-sb_alone_1 Having an array of speakers in the classroom is all well and good, but where do you put them? Premier Mounts has a good answer: a shelf that fits underneath a flat screen TV or monitor in the classroom. It works with the company’s P family of display mounting hardware and provides lots of hidden space to route cables out of view. It and a slew of other gear can be seen at booth 3136.

ISTE 2011: Classroom Panic Button

Wx-lt350-250 Covering a school with video cameras and alarms is old hat when it comes to enhancing classroom security. A big step forward is Panasonic’s Security Alert System, which has a pendant that during normal operations works as a microphone so that every student hears the lesson. In an emergency, the pendant has a button that delivers a silent network-wide alarm in the event of a discipline problem or a disaster, like a fire or explosion. It may not win any fashion awards, but it looks great with a bolo tie. It and other school tech can be seen at booth 2330.



Hear it All

Mp-fs200_pak Even a small classroom can muffle the teacher’s words when you’re in the back row. Crestron’s FreeSpeech amplification system can make sure that everyone hears it all. Aimed at elementary, middle and high schools, FreeSpeech includes a small wireless microphone that can be clipped to a lapel or shirtcollar or just placed on a tabletop. The base station has a 30-watt amplifier and can power a set of classroom speakers. It can also integrate the audio from a PC, DVD player or even an iPod. There are versions that have single- and dual channel microphones.



Screen on the Wall

Crestron panel Need more of a classroom control panel than one for just volume? Crestron TMC-9L Wall Mount Touch Panel does it all, and has a 9-inch LCD screen for viewing video feeds and controlling a variety of equipment. Based on the company’s Core 3 OS-ready panel technology, the TNC-9L can be used for everything from video conferences to viewing security camera feeds. On top of the touch-screen controls, the wall panel has 12 programmable physical switches for everything from volume to controlling the lights and shades. The panel is available in almond, white or black.



One-Button Classroom Control

Creston on cue It may not be able to control the class clown, but Crestron’s onCue BPC-8 Basic Presentation Controller has eight controls for the digital classroom. There are buttons for turning the system on and off, connecting with either of two computers or a DVD and making the volume louder or softer. It works with major projectors, each item has an icon and the device can be mounted on a lectern or wall.

Small Fingers, Big Voice

Boy_with_mic[1] Are the microphones used in your school for classroom amplification systems too clunky for the hands of students? At 6-inches long and weighing less than 3-ounces, FrontRow’s 950H is perfect for a variety of small hands in K-through-12 settings and is wireless so there’re no cords to trip over. It works with the company’s VocaLight Pro, Pro Digital and Symbio PA systems and has a handy nameplate for identifying a teacher or classroom. It sells for $305.



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