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The Complete Classroom

Samsung-smart-school-67-0Why take your chances with equipment and software from a variety of vendors that might or might not work together when Samsung can outfit a school, an entire classroom at a time. The center of attention is Samsung’s 55-inch interactive monitor that is just as good for a teacher marking up a map of the 13 colonies as it is for students trying to solve math problems for the class to see. The teacher and students use Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets to do their assignments, and at any time the teacher can have any of them shown on the class’s big screen.

Soti mobicontrolSoti’s MobiControl is the glue that binds the Samsung School together with the ability to remotely configure systems, load software and lock-out settings. The best part for BYOD schools, the software works with PCs, Macs, Androids and iPads.

In the Samsung School classroom, flexibility is the key with the teacher able to display his system, monitor any student’s screen or share content. At any time, the teacher can give the class an on-the-spot assessment. The typical classroom with 20 students including all hardware and software costs about $20,000.



ISTE 2013: Instant Access and Then Some

K-12 Solutions - GradebookInstant access to student data is the name of the game with SunGard K-12 Education’s eSchoolPLUS 3.0. The Student Information System has been built around the software’s Teacher Access Center, which includes a new grade book for entering results and retrieving grades. The program fits into the PLUS 360 suite of school applications.


Freeing Up Education

Nettexts ipadWith all the online resources available, it’s a wonder we ever get anything done in the classroom. Net Texts can help with a free curated approach to Web-based educational materials. It runs on iPads, Android devices or plain old connected computers to organize and consolidate content from Curriki, Khan Academy and other sources with classes in History, Calculus and Literature.

Freebee Friday: From PC to iPad and Back

Slide3Need to use an iPad to teach, but your teaching resources are stuck on a PC? The free Netop Vision Mobile app lets teachers do exactly that put data securely at a teacher’s fingertips with the ability to use swipes, taps and gestures as well as an on-screen keybaord. It’s a freebee that can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store, but not available for the Android platform.

ISTE 2012: Taking Blackboard with You

Collaborate Blackboard Collaborate is a great way to get teachers and students together, even if they’re in different places, but, at the moment, it’s stuck in the school. That will change with Collaborate Mobile, a version for iPads and iPhones that can go where you (and your students) go. The company just started a beta program for the new software, which lets everyone see interactive content, take quizzes and even have secure one-on-one extra help meetings. It should be available later this year, but you can see it at booth 4301.



Angel in the Classroom

Assessment_Navigation The latest edition of Blackboard Learn’s ANGEL Edition takes the classroom software to new heights while making it easier for instructors and administrators to use. Version 8.0 includes the ability of teachers to share content, upload a variety of multimedia files and create rubrics with criteria for classroom discussions.




Managing the School

Asap k-12 So far, most of the classroom management programs do several, but not all, things well. ASAP’s K-12 service is hosted online and covers everything from Web-based registration of new students and attendance to surveys and encouraging a staff’s professional development. It can even handle planning and informing parents of upcoming events and help with student ID cards and yearbooks.

A New Classroom Vision

Myvision logo If classroom computer management software seems like a lot of money for a little help for teachers, Netop’sMyVision has a new approach that values price and usability. Simple and basic, MyVision can take control over every PC in a class and even blank their screens so that everyone’s attention is on the teacher. Afree 30-day trial is available and the software costs $200, or $149 if purchased before the end of the year.

FREEBEE FRIDAY: A Classroom with Vision

MVB_BOX_Web_(2) Once you have a class full of PCs and eager faces, what do you do next? Often the hardware ate up the lion’s share of the technology budget, leaving little room for digital curriculum and classroom management software. Netop can help with a line of classroom management programs that can change the way a class learns. Called MyVision, the object is to make teaching with technology as easy and natural as using a chalk board was a generation ago. Based on GenevaLogic software, the program will work with PCs and Macs and let teachers digitally look over students shoulders to see what they’re using their computers for. On top of the Free version, which is currently in beta testing, Netop will offer an inexpensive Basic edition that includes tools for guiding students, blanking screens and turning the Internet on and off for individuals. 



Education Gets Personal

It's learning With many digital curriculum systems its one size fits all, regardless of individual students’ achievements and needs. it’s learning takes a different approach with a Web-based learning system that not only can be tailored to each student but saves their work in a digital portfolio. Chock full of multimedia options, it’s learning has several different interfaces that are tuned to a variety of age groups. A demo is available online.




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