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From Film to Computer

OpticFilm_7600i_Ai_close_up_(by_Plustek)[1] What with the costs of buying and developing 35mm film, it may be an endangered species. But, it’s not dead yet, and many schools that still use film cameras for everything from documenting field trips and art classes. But, what to do with those boxes and drawers of negatives and slides from years gone by. All this film can be digitized with a nifty scanner from Plustek. The OpticFilm 7600i family of film scanners can turn slides or negatives into beautiful digital images. With 7,200 by 7,200 dot-per-inch resolution, both the OpticFilm 7600i Ai and Se scanners produce rich and sharp 48-bit color, come with a good variety of imaging software and connect to a PC or Mac via a USB cable. While the 7600i SE sells for $369, the high-end 7600i Ai is priced at $589.

Gender Bender

Straightlaced Talking about sex roles and gender in a health classroom can be embarrassing and end with students giggling and not getting anything accomplished. Try using a film to stimulate discussion on this important topic. GroundSpark’s movie “Straightlaced – How Gender’s Got Us All Tied Up” by Debra Chasnoff can be a way to learn about this area and get the class talking in a serious way. Part of the Respect for All Project, Straightlaced is chock full of high school students talking about the harm that rigid sexual roles can cause. There will be screenings in all 50 states and the production company has curriculum suggestions. If you think that ignoring this topic is the safe approach, you’re wrong. The film’s trailer is available for a sneak peek.



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