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Freebee Friday: Donate-a-Thon

Donors chooseIf bake sales aren’t adding up to enough cash to help fund the extras that every school needs, try setting up a crowd-sourcing project. Here, you post a description of what you need, set a goal and encourage parents and local businesses to contribute to meet – or hopefully exceed – it. DonorsChoose adds a twist: They take care of getting you the gear, whether you need a piano or a set of STEM sensors. The group asks for a 15 percent fee to help them fund their operations, but it’s optional. They’ve done this for more than 840,000 classrooms so far. Yours could be next.

Pay by the Web

EduPayTired of the cost and inefficiency of paper billing of parents and the hassles of bounced checks, Unity FI Solutions’s EduPay lets you put it all online, regardless of whether you’re a huge district or a small school. The key is that parents can pay for things like field trips, uniforms, testing fees and books via online electronic transfers. The payments are free for schools and the user pays a small transaction fee. It’s currently used by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina.

Freebee Friday: 20% More Lucrative Fundraising

EbookCover-232x300Tired of fundraising projects that seem to take over the school? Blackbaud K-12 has the answer: be more efficient and productive when you do go hat in hand to donors. The company’s new ebook, “How to Increase Your Schools’ Fundraising by 20% or More: A Step-by-Step Plan” can help by raising the take by one-fifth. Written by Joe Garecht, founder of The Fundraising Authority, the book is a step-by-step guide on how to identify, approach and get that big donation during your next fundraiser.

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