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MimioDisplay_ms_0936_waterWhat does an interactive projector one better? A large screen touch monitor, like the new MimioDisplays. They all can show high definition material, come in 55-, 65-, 70- or 84-inch sizes and have low glare glass coatings so everyone gets a good view of the action. The monitors allow several students to collaborate on screen with finger motions, digital pens and taps.

The 4K revolution Starts Here

Asus 4K monitorWhen HD monitors just aren’t sharp enough, it’s time to consider moving up to 4K ultra-high definition displays. The Asus PB287Q not only fills the 28-inch screen with 3,840 by 2,160 resolution and has the ability to show more than 1 billion individual colors, but the screen has a superfast 1 millisecond response time. It can be connected via a DisplayPort or HDMI and the screen can be moved up and down, twisted side-to-side or pivoted. The display costs $650.




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