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ISTE UPDATE: Internet Answers

Internet connecviity monitorWhen there’s a problem with the classroom’s Web connection, it’s often hit or miss to figure out where the fault lies. Is it the Internet connection, the school’s LAN, the online service or general congestion on the Web. The Internet Connectivity Monitor is a small and simple program that periodically reaches out and tries to connect to an online resource and reports the results. You can try two different Web pages at the same time, set how frequently you want to do check on the Web as well as keep a log of connections and misconnections. The best part is that if there’s a problem, the program shows it in red, right in the middle of the screen.


Student manager aerohiveMost administrators and IT types are perfectly content to get generic equipment to fill out their school’s network, but Aerohive Networks can simplify a WiFi set up with their school-centric apps and controller-less design that puts the emphasis on centralized management of the LAN’s components. The company’s StudentManager app lets staff monitor the wireless network’s activity and performance, while the TeacherView program lets teachers monitor what students are doing online.



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