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Story Tellers

Tall talesTall Tales: The Game of Infinite Storytelling is a board game that can help children develop that narrative voice in the back of their heads that can lead to enhanced creativity and better writing. It comes with 24 story cars, 50 pieces and a bag to store when not in use. After drawing a card and a group of story pieces, each student tells a story that’s based on them. It costs $30.


Freebee Friday: Sports Free for All

Play it againSports equipment, from goal posts to figure skates can add up quickly, but Play It Again Sports specializes in giving lightly used equipment a second life. You can sell old equipment to them or trade it in for what you need. The company has stores in the U.S. and Canada to supply gear for everything from the expected soccer, football and baseball to the eclectic, like disc golf and kayaking. They even have a good selection of exercise equipment.

Freebee Friday: Stay Fit

Spark peSetting up a Physical Education program can take a long time and extraordinary amount of creativity. Or you can get it all at Spark PE, which has curriculum packs for a variety of age groups. The site also has a huge assortment of free lesson plans that are categorized for early education, elementary, middle, high school and after school activities. They are all easy to follow and have explanatory illustrations.



New Court

Sport court bballGot an outdoor tennis or basketball court that’s seen better days? Why tear it up and repave it every ten years only to have to repeat that over and over again. MRC’s Sport Court is a modular snap-together surface that meets the requirements of the US Tennis Association and if one section gets damaged, it can be replaced, leaving the surrounding material in place. Overall, Sport Court can cost less than the maintenance required of a paved court and comes with a 15-year warranty, but is only available in the northeast.

The Focused Gym Class

Polar bRather than huffing and puffing, Polar’s GoFit H7 sensor and App lets the gym teacher monitor every student’s heart rate for safety and maximum physical results. The software can define a target zone for each student while keeping the whole class in the safe zone. Afterwards, teachers can view an individual’s or a whole class’s data.

Freebee Friday: LGBTQ Sports

TransIf you haven’t had to figure out which sports a trans-gender student can participate in, there’s a really good chance that you will have to sometime soon. Chris Mosier’s Trans Athlete Web site is a good start with everything from suggested policies and a state-by-state rundown on which areas are TG friendly to a good glossary of terms so everyone involved is on the same page. The best part is the documents page, which contains eight reports and guidelines.



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