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Freebee Friday: Tablet Teaching

665-acer-iconia-a500This Tuesday Acer is hosting a one-hour online seminar on making the most of tablets in the classroom. Hosted by members of the faculty at Westlake Christian School, it features Paul Weaver, Technology Director, as well as Michaela Keats, a 10-year teacher. It starts at 3:30, eastern time, on Tuesday. It’s free and you can register at http://bit.ly/1bj3npq

Freebee Friday: 21-st Century Netizens

CBakerAll teachers anxious about whether their students are digitally aware of their online surroundings should tune into Edmodo’s online seminar that starts on October 23 at 7 p.m., eastern time. Called 21st Century Classroom Management: Edmodo for Digital Citizenship, it was created along with Common Sense Media, is hosted by Christine Baker, technology coordinator at Brentwood Elementary School and covers everything from cyber-bullying to identity theft.

Freebee Friday: The Future of Literacy

Generation readyIf you’ll be in New York the week after next, stop in at Generation Ready’s seminar on literacy. The Education Forum Focused on Literacy, Common Core State Standards and Raising Student Achievement program starts at 4:30 on Thursday October 10th at the Affinia Hotel Manhattan’s Ballroom. The program features educators, community members and policy makers and will go through the details of professional development, raising student achievement and the Common Core standards. It’s free to attend, just RSVP.

ISTE 2013: Professional Development, the Easy Way

Atomic learningAtomic Learning has six new professional development courses designed to get teachers up to speed on the latest software. They are online now and cover these topics:

* Office 2013, What’s New Training is an overview of up to date changes and additions to the office suite

* Excel 2013, Pivot Tables Training quickly and efficiently explains and demonstrates how to use Excel’s Pivot tables at least as well as your students can.

* 3D Dreams, Google SketchUp 8 Project shows how to use this 3-D drawing and walk-through app.

* Internet Explorer 10 Training, teaches teachers how to navigate the lastest Microsoft Web browser.

* JQuery Mobile Training instructs in the use of Adobe’s Dreamweaver CS6 environment

* Skype 6 Training can help you get the most out of the phone and video conference app.

It can all be done on a basic computer or with the company’s iPad app.

Friday Freebee: Ambassadorial Appointments

Sony ambassadorSony’s K12 Educational Ambassador program has lots of teaching resources, from several apps that can help students with their writing assignments to teaching about physics through building bridges. In fact, if you have good ideas about using technology in the classroom, you can apply to be an ambassador.

A Cure for the Summertime Blues

ClcSummertime is coming and what do you do when you’re finished cutting the grass, raking the leaves and cleaning out the attic? How about brushing up your skills for creating STEM labs? Over the summer, Catalyst Learning Curricula is running five professional development seminars that can turn your regular old science labs into memorable interactive learning experiences. From “Helping Students Design Labs and Analyze Data in AP/IB Science” (June 10 to 14) and “Critical-thinking Activities for Teaching Genetics” (June 17 to 21) to “Critical-thinking Activities for Teaching Cell Biology” (June 24 to 28), “Critical-thinking Activities for Teaching Anatomy and Physiology” (July 8 to 12) and “Critical-thinking Activities for Teaching Ecology” (July 15 to 19). They’ll all be held at a hotel in Ashville, North Carolina, cost $490 and include a slew of lesson plans, lab experience and help in planning next year’s syllabus. 

Freebee Friday: Science on parade

Verneir vidsThe latest from Vernier is not a new sensor, handheld device or analysis software. It’s a bunch of new videos that show how you can make the most of the company’s hardware and software. There are 32 new clips that show how to do everything from updating the software to using a moisture sensor or a thermocouple.




FETC 2013: The Cloud Projector

Mits_Cloud_Projector_WD390U-ESTMitsubishi breaks out a new category for schools with its WD390U-EST extreme short throw projector that connects to a repository of online materials, so no computer is even needed. With a built-in thin client, the cloud projector can grab and display a variety of multimedia file types stored on local or Internet servers. The projector uses a DLP imaging technology, will be available in March and puts 3,000 lumens of light onto the classroom’s screen. It comes with a three-year warranty and can be seen at booth 1113.


Freebee Friday: Watch and Learn

Epson videosNeed to brush up on your projection skills? Epson has just launched what it calls Brightlink Bright Spots, a video library of how-to clips that can turn any technophobic teacher into an AV star. Mixed in with product related videos are ones that show how to use annotation software, calibrate a projector, use the iPad iProjection app and other hot classroom topics. They’re between four and six minutes long, perfect for a lunchtime seminar.

Freebee Friday: The Summer of Learning

Ascd logoThis summer can be a time of hanging out at the beach, sleeping late and professional development, thanks to ASCD’s summer Boot Camp series of Webinars. They’re free and cover a wide assortment of topics, from getting the most out of the Web to teacher evaluations. All you need to do is register. Here’s the rundown for July:

July 20—

“Creating a Culture of Achievement,” with Nancy Frey and Dough Fisher will explore how to turn educational goals on paper into real progress in the classroom.

July 12—

“Reading for Meaning: How to Build Students’ Comprehension, Reasoning, and Problem-Solving Skills,” is an in-depth look at upping a classes comprehension by reading for meaning. It’ll feature Harvey Silver.

July 17—

“Learning Targets: Helping Students Aim for Understanding in Today’s Lesson,” with Connie Moss takes a look at how learning targets help teachers create daily lessons and learning experiences.

July 24—

“Virtual Summer Camp: The Newest Tools on the Web to Explore for Instruction,” is a great way to brush up on your online skills and enliven the upcoming school year. It has Mike Fisher leading you on a Web journey of discovery.




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