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Touch ‘N’ Teach

BL_1430Wi_LT_ANGIf you hate using the bulky pens from interactive projectors, Epson’s BrightLink Pro 1430Wi can make teaching more finger friendly. Not only does the short-throw projector allow collaboration and teaching with up to two pens at once, but you can use your fingers as well to write, annotate or click on an on-screen item. The projector can create up to an 8.3-foot image in 1,280 by 800 resolution with 3,300-lumens of light. Like earlier Epson projectors, it can use the company’s iProjection apps to connect tablets with the projector. The projector costs $3,000 with a two-year warranty.


Mightier than the Sword

Penveu5If your school can’t afford to replace its projectors en masse, penveu can help with an add-on that gives integrated projectors a run for the money. The 4-ounce Pen works with PCs and Macs and can annotate and interact with a variety of on-screen material. The pen not only can mark-up what’s on the screen, but can hold either 8- or 32GB of presentations, images and videos, making set up quick and easy. Just plug the Veu device into a PC and or a projector and allow it to wirelessly contact with the pen and you’re set. The set costs educators $500 or $600, depending on how much storage the pen holds.

Screen Disappearing Act

Starling_Tension_RightAngleThe best way to make a screen disappear when not needed is to hide it in plain sight, and Elite’s Starling Tension screen blends into just about any background wall or ceiling. The screen uses a 1.1 gain display material and can be opened or closed electrically via a 12-volt trigger or RS-232 port serial signal from a projector. Available in 100-, 120-, 135- and 150-inch sizes, the Starling has a wide-screen format for 16:9 HD video. Pricing starts at $569.



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