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Bullet-Proof Screen

Image001Made of ceramic coated steel, Polyvision’s latest interactive screen will likely last longer than the projector you use with it and maybe even longer than the teacher. Called e3CeramicSteel, the screen can be used with markers or a proejctor and is resistant to bacteria and fire. It's as good for marking up sentences as it is marking up a projected map.

Small Wonder

C205 Projector Right AngleSmaller is better, particularly when you’re talking about a projector that needs to travel from room to room throughout the school day. Take Acer’s C205, an LED powered projector that weighs just half a pound and fits into a backpack or briefcase. The projector puts out 200 lumens at 854 x 480 resolution. Youc an run it off of an AC outlet or its built-in battery and the projector has an HDMI input. It costs $350.

Touch ‘N’ Teach

BL_1430Wi_LT_ANGIf you hate using the bulky pens from interactive projectors, Epson’s BrightLink Pro 1430Wi can make teaching more finger friendly. Not only does the short-throw projector allow collaboration and teaching with up to two pens at once, but you can use your fingers as well to write, annotate or click on an on-screen item. The projector can create up to an 8.3-foot image in 1,280 by 800 resolution with 3,300-lumens of light. Like earlier Epson projectors, it can use the company’s iProjection apps to connect tablets with the projector. The projector costs $3,000 with a two-year warranty.


Mightier than the Sword

Penveu5If your school can’t afford to replace its projectors en masse, penveu can help with an add-on that gives integrated projectors a run for the money. The 4-ounce Pen works with PCs and Macs and can annotate and interact with a variety of on-screen material. The pen not only can mark-up what’s on the screen, but can hold either 8- or 32GB of presentations, images and videos, making set up quick and easy. Just plug the Veu device into a PC and or a projector and allow it to wirelessly contact with the pen and you’re set. The set costs educators $500 or $600, depending on how much storage the pen holds.

Screen Disappearing Act

Starling_Tension_RightAngleThe best way to make a screen disappear when not needed is to hide it in plain sight, and Elite’s Starling Tension screen blends into just about any background wall or ceiling. The screen uses a 1.1 gain display material and can be opened or closed electrically via a 12-volt trigger or RS-232 port serial signal from a projector. Available in 100-, 120-, 135- and 150-inch sizes, the Starling has a wide-screen format for 16:9 HD video. Pricing starts at $569.



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