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Freebee Friday: Photos, Everywhere

Google photos editThese days, classes accumulate a pile of photos, from first day shots and yearbook pictures to those snapped on field trips, school plays or dress-up class presentations. What if you could stash them all in one place online for everyone – including parents – to view. Google’s new Photos service does just that and is free, with a few restrictions.

There’s no limit to how many shots you store with Photos as long as they can are compressed by Google’s servers. If you want to preserve every pixel of a .Tif image, it counts towards your GoogleDrive online storage limit, which at $24 a year for 100GB is kind of cheap. Just upload them via the Android or iOS app or via the Web for PCs, Macs and Chromebooks.

Google photosAll the shots show up organized by time and content because Google’s software examines what each scene holds, looking for geographic and thematic clues. The software looks for where it was shot, what time of day and what the colors look like. It can even incorporate GPS tagging from phone pix.

In addition to one of the easiest animated .Gif makers, the software can create album-like sequences on its own based on themes. Just type in comments and add audio and you have something to send to parents. There’re also powerful editing tools as well as the ability to search through the library of images. Finally, you can share all the images with others or limit what they see. Basically, Photos does for images what Docs did for writing, working through spreadsheets and making presentations.

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