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Easy Starter

TP_5.2.1_Mac_Screenshot_2Too many teachers get stuck in the trap of hard-to-use polling software that’s frustrating to set up and use on the fly that they avoid this important educational feedback mechanism. TuringPoint’s version 5.2.1 of its clicker software can not only be set up in a matter of seconds, but can be integrated into existing presentations and classroom materials. Its dashboard delivers results instantly and the program works in both PC- and Mac-based classrooms. It’s a free upgrade.

ISTE 2013: Click to Learn

Triton_NXTReceiver_LeftForget about using old-school (and expensive) bubble test sheets because Turning Technologies’ ResponseCard NXT clicker and Triton Data Collection System can be used to digitally fill in answers from a variety of tests or off-the-cuff assessments. The system can turn responses into grades and feedback for teachers, students and parents. It connects with the teacher’s system via an encrypted RF link and the assessment software can be directly embedded into a PowerPoint slide show.

Disposable Clickers

ResonseCard_SE_slantedTired of spending too much on classroom clickers that are only used for test season? Turning Technologies’ ResponseCard SE keypad is a unique student response device that has been designed to last only about 10 days. It has five potential answers, uses two-way radio-frequency technology to connect, has a 200-foot operating range and can link to Turning’s TurningPoing Polling software. The best part is the ResponseCard SE’s price. At $10 it is a steal and can be recycled.  

Clickers on a Budget

Ping ClickerIf classroom clickers are burning a hole in your budget, eInstruction’s Ping features radio-frequency communication and has a wide range of abilities yet cost $995 for a class pack of 24 with a receiver and software; extra clickers are $55 each. It has a range of 150-feet and can be used with true-false, yes-no and multiple-choice formats. It lacks an LCD screen but confirms that the answer has been received with an LED light. The system works with the company’s Insight 360 scheme.

The Non-Clicker Clicker

Netop student responseCan’t afford a classroom of clickers for kids to take tests? Netop Response lets students use their phones or tablets to respond to teacher questions. Based on Qwizdom’s QVR technology, the system operates in a Web browser so it will work ion any hardware platform, from a smartphone to an iPad. Once everyone has made their response, the software collates the answers for the teacher in a form that can be printed. The system costs $500 for a 30-student class and the company offers a free trial.


ISTE 2012: Kiss Expensive Bubble Answer Sheets Goodbye

NXT_HighStakes_1_23_2012Tired of spending a small fortune on bubble answer sheets for electronic scoring of tests? Triton from Turning Technologies lets you use the company’s Responsecard NXT student response device and Proctor Receiver to set up and give a class a variety of tests as well as provide instant response to classroom questions. The data collection software is secure and both the questions and answers are held on a USB memory key for convenience. Look for it this fall. In the meantime, the company will be at booth no. 4020.


More than True and False

Wordpad2The latest educational import is WordWall’s WordPad2, an English response system that not only has yes or no as potential answers, but a full keyboard and central display that can show 160 by 128 pixel color images. With this hardware in their hands, students can answer with words, phrases and numbers. The handsets communicate wirelessly with the teacher’s computer, which tabulates and displays the results. A set of 32 devices costs $3,000 and the company includes several in-class activities.


Freebee Friday: Any Which Way You Can

Socrative aForget about classroom clickers because Socrative’s student response system lets teachers and kids use anything, from a notebook or tablet to an iPhone. Able to handle true/false, short answer and multiple choice formats, Socrative can create engaging lessons and compile a variety of student and classroom reports. Best of all, it’s a freebee.



All-in-One Electronic Assessment

ResponseCard_NXT_vertical_01[1] Too many classroom response clickers are sold separately from the testing software causing the occasional disconnect where one doesn’t work with the other. With ResponseCard NXT and TurningKey software, Turning Technologies puts it altogether in a complete package. The student clicker is small, thin and weighs just 2-ounces, but has a 22-key keypad and a LCD screen for entry conformation. It can transmit a variety of answer formats. On top of letters and numbers, it supports full text entry with a cell-phone-like keypad. Meanwhile, TurningKey software can put tests of up to 200 questions together with a mix of multiple choice, matching, numeric, true/false and filling the blank answers. The best part is that the results are tabulated and can be presented individually and by class.

A Clicker Like No Other

Smart XE A quick look at Smart Technologies’ XE interactive response system is like no other. Looking more like a calculator or a smart-phone, the XE has a wide screen that can handle a variety of material, a QWERTY keyboard so students can write short answers or even math equations as well as the expected true-false, yes-no and multiple choice responses. It weighs 4 ounces, the receiver can accommodate up to 100 students and the XE fits right into Smart’s Notebook software



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