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Meet Mobi

Mobi What good is a student response system if the results can only be viewed on your PC, tying you to a desk. The latest in student response technology is eInstruction’s Interwrite Mobi, a two-part system that combines a tablet for the teacher and smaller Learner handsets for students to tap in their answers. The teacher’s tablet has a 2.4-inch color display for viewing full-class averages or individual student responses and a 6.3- by 8-inch active area for writing comments. Capable of working with Windows, Mac and Linux computers, Mobi can operate up to 15-feet from its host computer. A starter pack that includes a Mobi tablet, two Learner tablets, a charging dock and software costs $1,150, while extra teacher and student tablets cost $399 and $349, respectively. 

In Touch With Student Response

TouchLooking for a student response system that sends questions to students as well as their answers to teachers? iResond’s Touch can send and receive data wirelessly and display it on the handheld’s 160 by 160 pixel screen.  Along with the company’s Dashboard software, Touch has the ability to present kids with multiple choice, true/false, fill-in and other queries. It can even handle short essays as well as electronically taking attendance and handing in homework. Prices start at about $1,200 per unit.
Specs: touch-sensitive screen, 160 by 160 pixel screen,
Bottom line: iRespond’s Touch beams questions to students and answers to teachers.

Engage and Prosper

Engage1 Pearson today introduced its innovative Engage Response System today at the FETC show in Orlando. Developed with Renaissance Learning, Engage is capable of being integrated with the company’s Prosper assessment software, creating a complete tool for teachers to fully assess student progress. Students can answer with a number, yes-no, true-false or with letters A through E for multiple choice questions. An Engage classroom kit starts at $2,200.
More info is available at the Engage site

The Answer is at Hand

Fetc Promethean introduced its innovative two-way Activexpression student response system today and can be seen at booth 1102 of the FETC show in Orlando, Florida. With 8 intelligent hot buttons, 4 navigation controls and a 12-key texting pad, the small wireless Promethean_activexpression_2 handheld not only lets students respond with the expected yes/no, ordering and multiple choice answers, but they can write short phrases as well as use symbols and numbers in their responses. The teacher can even send feedback messages to individuals or the entire class. With the company’s Activexpression software, the handheld dovetails with Promethean’s interactive boards and instructors can create innovate tests and quizzes on the fly. An online interactive demo is available at http://www.prometheanworld.com/uk/server/show/nav.5176

New RF-Based Response Pads

Turninpoint1 Response pads are all the rage. Teachers love them because they provide instant classroom feedback; administrators love that they can quantify that feedback, whether it’s measuring classroom performance, or identifying one struggling student. TurningPoint’s been a player in this market for a while, and they’ve released the ResponseCard XR. The ResponseCard XR is radio-frequency based and has a multi-line LCD display, two-way response verification, and alphanumeric entry. Educators will especially appreciate that participants can now submit essay and short answer responses to interactive questions using the ResponseCard XR. 



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