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Instant TV

Tricaster Complete setupWhat principal hasn’t wanted to talk directly to students via an in-house TV network or have kids read the morning news to the entire school. NewTek’s TriCaster Mini lets them do it on a tight budget. The $8,000 Mini is a complete AV set up that includes an integrated display and enough storage space for 45-hours of video, but you will need to supply your own camera. You can do anything from a standard talking head in front of a green-screen artificial landscape to animation and complex transitions or playing a slide show. Anything can be sent to YouTube or several social media outlets and TriCaster Mini can even accommodate a video feed from a remote Web cam or Web site.

From Screen to Screen

MDB114 (1)Got something on your tablet, phone or notebook that you want on the classroom’s big screen? Ematic’s $30 MediaBeam can get it from one place to the other. It works with Android, iOS, Mac and PC systems and plugs right into a monitor, TV or projector’s HDMI port. It can mirror what’s on the host system’s display while sending along the system’s audio track.




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