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Expanding a School’s WiFi

Aerohive_AP550_Hero_Front_ShadowBy using the latest WiFi protocols and software management, Aerohive’s AP550 access point can be a cure for sick overburdened networks. The small white box uses 4X4 MIMO 802.11ac WiFi technology to push more data farther with the right level of security. The AP550 has a dozen antennas inside, costs $1,399 and it can be remotely controlled. Aerohive has a variety of mounting hardware available for the AP550.


WiFi, the Right Way

AerohiveThe latest version of Aerohive’s ID Manager makes setting up a BYOD environment a lot easier for anything from a traditional PC or Mac to a tablet, phone or even Xbox game machine. The set up emphasizes the self-service approach by providing every new client with a pre-share-encryption key that can be generated from a student list or configured on the fly for a guest. At any time a student can be dropped, for things like an expulsion, or new ones quickly added.

Wireless Projector

Np-m402h_slantAt $1,200, NEC’s NP-M402H projector is probably too expensive for every classroom, but it’s perfect for an auditorium or lecture hall. Capable of putting 1,920 by 1,080 resolution on a big screen, the NP-M402H uses a single chip DLP imaging target and a traditional high-pressure lamp to deliver 4,000 lumens. In addition to a pair of HDMI inputs, it can work with VGA and USB video inputs. A big breakthrough for school projectors is that the M402H can not only connect with either with a WiFi or wired network, but it can be the room’s access point for others to get online. It comes with a three-year warranty.


Screen (Little) to Screen (Big)

Mirastick cEver want to put what’s on your phone, tablet or notebook onto a classroom’s big monitor, TV or projector screen? Favi’s 3-ounce Mirastick can do it with a minimum of hassle, stress and wires. The $35 wireless adapter plugs into the HDMI port of a display and can stream audio and video across a classroom, You’ll need to use Favi’s app for iOS, Mac, PC or Android tablet, but it takes just a minute or two of setup time. After that, everything from the small screen is streamed to the big one.

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