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Interactive Whiteboard 101 — A Resource of Activities for Literacy Instruction

Welcome to the classroom of the present! Interactive whiteboards are all the rage at conferences like the International Reading Association’s Annual Convention, which was held last week in Orlando, Florida. My colleague Linda Foote and I presented four sessions of Whiteboard 101: Taking Literacy to the Next Level to a packed classroom of eager and enthusiastic teachers. Continue reading to get links to some great literacy content that you can use with your interactive whiteboard today!

The power of the interactive whiteboard lies in its being interactive. Keep in mind when planning or selecting activities that the students should be the ones up at the board interacting with the content as they are learning.

Here is a list of Web-based lessons, activities, and games for literacy that you can use in your classroom. These great FREE resources are perfect whether you just got your interactive board or have had it for years. 

Primary Level Resources

Alphabetical Order

With this game, have students manipulate lists of words to put them in ABC order.

Building Language for Literacy

This site provides several games that allow students to practice vocabulary and rhyming while learning words having to do with places around a community.

Clifford Interactive

Primary students love the interactive stories on this site as well as the interactive word work games like Make a Word and Sound Match. These are great to use as center activities or in whole class lessons.

Story Scramble

Having students work together at the board to sequence the short stories is an excellent way to use your interactive whiteboard.

Mid/Upper Elementary Resources

Beacon Learning Center's Student Web Lessons

These are comprehensive lessons in which students interact with the text as they read. This lesson works on finding the main idea.


Here is an attention-getting way to have your students write more interesting biographies. They click around and add content, like their biggest obstacle and a famous quote, to each side of the cube. A bonus is that the activity prints so that it can be folded to create a real cube.

Fish 'Em Up!

In this interactive game, students learn about doubling the letter or changing the y when adding an ending to a word. Students need to decide which fishing pole correctly spells the word made from the given base word.

Flashlight Readers

After reading favorite books, students can complete interactive activities based on them, creating a Because of Winn-Dixie scrapbook, for instance, or going on a Holes treasure hunt. 

Free Rice

Practice your vocabulary while you donate rice to people in need all around the world.

Greek Word Roots

Have students play archery as they use the meaning of the Greek root to identify the definition of a word. You can use this as your lesson on Greek roots and have whole class discussions as students play on the whiteboard.

Homophone Super Match

Those tricky homophones can be explored through this matching game. Try playing as a class, having students come up with sentences that correctly use the word as you click through the game.

Learning Today Reading Comprehension Lessons

With these video lessons, students will enjoy interacting with the characters to learn about main idea and story elements.

Middle School/High School Resources

Analogy Battle Ship

Have your class play against the computer to determine cause-and-effect or part-to-whole relationships.

English Grammar Activities

This Web site has a huge number of activities to assist you in teaching all different types of grammar lessons.

Name That Literary Element

Get your students practicing the literary elements with this fun site.

Picture Writing Prompts

These writing prompt photographs and word lists will get your students excited about writing.

Plot Diagram

Watch a demo and then have your students complete this online plot diagram for a story you are working on in class.

Quizlet (For students 13 and older)

Teachers or students can type in vocabulary words, definitions, or information, and the Web site will create games like Scatter and Space Race.

Similes and Metaphors

These two games are interactive ways for your students to practice using figurative language.

Resources Great for Any Age

Beacon Student Web Lessons

In addition to the mid/upper elementary lessons highlighted above, this site provides a range of lessons for K–12 students.

Story Starters

Students love clicking the handle and spinning the story starter machine. They giggle at the silly writing prompts while they find their desired one. Then they write creative stories to share with the class.

Super Teacher Tools

A few weeks ago I dedicated a whole post to interactive review games, including these. At our workshops these were favorites with our teacher audiences. You can easily create games like Board Game, Jeopardy, Speed Match, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Visit my past blog post to read ideas for using these games.


As you plan your lessons and activities, try to think of ways to make them more interactive. Hand over the pen and board to your students and let them experience, interact with, and manipulate the content. I would love to learn about your favorite interactive whiteboard resources and field any questions you have about making your board a more integral part of your classroom. Please comment below.


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