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Interactive Whiteboard 101 — A Resource of Activities for Math Instruction

Bring your math curriculum to life with your interactive whiteboard. In my last post, "Whiteboards 101: A Resource of Activities for Literacy Instruction," I shared numerous literacy Web sites and games to use on your interactive whiteboard. This week, click "read more" to see an extensive list of math games that will have your students out of their seats, up at the board, and exploring math concepts.



Remember . . .

The power of the interactive whiteboard lies in its being interactive. Keep in mind when planning or selecting activities that the students should be the ones up at the board interacting with the content as they are learning.

Below is a list of FREE resources that you can use in your math class today:


Primary Grade Resources


Students move the hands of the interactive clock to show the given time.

Coin Names: Penny Through Quarter

Students choose the name of the coin shown onscreen in this game from IXL Learning that features audio support. With IXL's Equivalent Coins game, students choose the group of coins that equals the number shown, and with Toon University's Discovering Coin Values, students drop coins in a cup to add up to a given number. 

Interactive Thermometer

Drag the slider on the thermometer up and down to display photos of scenes that correspond with that temperature, from desert sands to an icy Arctic day.

Max’s Math Adventures

Go on adventures — and solve math problems — with Max and Ruth in these 19 audio stories, sorted by level of difficulty and according to skill.

Place Value Cards

Use this interactive tool to help your students better understand place value. Give students a number and then have them click on the cards that will create it. For another place value game, your students can help a duck play golf at Toon University. 

Shark Bite

Students prevent shark bites by selecting the number corresponding to the base ten blocks shown.

Stop the Clock

This is a favorite among my students. Drag the digital clocks to the analog clocks showing the same time. Students love competing to be fastest at this game. For a similar game, see PrimaryGames' What Time Is It?

Teaching Measures

At this site, discover many different interactive lessons and games teaching students how to measure length, mass, and capacity.


This game provides information on three different aspects of time, and then has students play a game telling the time. To play, have a student at your board click to stop the clock. Then, after the class determines the correct time, let the student type it in to see if they are correct.


Upper Elementary Resources

Adding Fractions

At this Utah State University site, students find a common denominator and then add the fractions. If they enjoy that, have them check out their Base 10 Blocks Addition game as well.

Ice Cream Shop

Students first read the client's order and then convert the fractions to add the correct number of ice cream scoops. Play the game with pizza at Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop, or hustle students through the cafeteria lunch line in Lunch Lady.

Making Change

In this Math Playground game, students will enjoy helping Harvey, the less-than-perfect cashier at Perfect Pets, make change. Other fun Math Playground games include Thinking Block Tutorials and Shopping at Troy's Toys, which asks students to work with percents.

Math Maven's Mysteries

Students listen to 27 audio stories and solve the mysteries by doing math problems. Stories are sorted by difficulty and by skill.

Tables of Multiplication

Students race to answer the multiplication facts. The color system lets them know when they're ready to move on to the next level.

Study Jams

This amazing resource features over 200 math and science activities, many of which have video and quiz components that will work wonderfully on your interactive whiteboard. There are videos on all math skills including  algebra, determining the missing operationfractions, geometry, probability, and more.

Ultimate Speed Math

Select the operation to practice and the numbers before playing. Then let your students click away and practice their facts.

Weigh the Wangdoodles

Students use the pictures to determine the weight of various Wangdoodles (the residents of Planet Algebra-5). An excellent game for problem-solving skills.

Middle School/High School Resources


Factor Tree

Students create factor trees in this interactive, self-checking Math Playground game.

Math Hunt

Pick a science or social studies topic for your students to learn about as they use their math skills to figure out the answers to the questions.

Study Jams

This resource is great for middle and high school students, too. It features over 200 math and science activities, many of which have video and quiz components that will work wonderfully on your interactive whiteboard. 


Resources for Any Grade Level

Mr. Nussbaum's Math Lab

This extensive collection of games allows students to practice various skills at a number of levels. 

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

This Web site offers games in all math areas, including geometry, algebra, and measurement.


How are you using your interactive whiteboard during math instruction? Please comment below. We would love to hear from you!



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