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Getting the Class Back on Track

Vasicek_shutterstock_62662183_crazedwomanThe beginning of the year was hectic, and the procedures you tried to put in place didn't really stick. Looking back, there are definitely things you would have done differently. Plus, as the novelty of a new school year wears off, some students are really testing the limits. You realize your class is off track and you want to fix it before it completely derails. What do you do? Try these strategies to get your class back on track.

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Organization: Why YOU Will Have More Time This Year

Vasicek Organized CounterFrom homework collection and vocabulary words to emails and parent communication, you are probably realizing that you could use a little help with organization as the school year gets going. Read on for some ways that I set myself up for a successful school year.


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Greetings From Top Teaching Advisor Brent

Brent_Vasicek Where does the excitement of a sea voyage meet rigorous academic standards? Right here in Pier 24 at Miami Elementary in Clinton Township, Michigan. My name is Brent, and each year I pick a theme for the class. This year it is exploration. From the bon voyage to the final docking, I am excited to share management and organization tips for the yearlong journey.

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