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Story Starters

484x235_storystarter Get students excited about writing. Story Starters  generates hundreds of creative combinations that take the writer’s block out of creative writing for students in grades 1–4.

Set young writers loose with prompts that focus on character (who the story is about), plot (what happens in the story), and setting (where or when the story happens).

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Literacy Centers in Photographs

Walk into Nikki Campo-Stallone's classroom and you'll see literacy centers packed with learning opportunities.

484x235_litcenter Recreate her classroom set-up using Literacy Centers in Photographs as your step-by-step guide for organizing the centers, establishing routines and managing center-based learning all year long. Explore her classroom layout and find out the materials she uses for her literacy centers. 

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New Teacher Survival Guide

Welcome to the What's New @ Scholastic.com blog, your direct connection to the best Scholastic activities, lessons, videos, and more. Every day, I'll give you the inside scoop on the resources and tools we're creating to help you in the classroom.

Icebreaker_7 In some states, the first day of school is as early as August 4. I remember my sister's first class as a new teacher. Even though she had a week to prepare her classroom, she was still nervous about meeting her students for the first time. If she were a new teacher this year, I would have immediately shown her the First Class Web site and the New Teacher Survival Guide.

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