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Election WebQuest & Video

This is an exciting time in the lives of Americans, because we are actively involved in choosing the leader of our country. Even though a citizen has to be 18 years old to vote, kids can still be involved and informed!

In this presidential election WebQuest project for grades 3-8, students work in pairs to create campaign materials for each of the Presidential candidates. They will become familiar with election vocabulary, the candidates’ backgrounds and their position on key issues.

Nyt_upfront_110308_cover In the Special Election Edition of The New York Times Upfront magazine, high school students can decide who they would vote for, Obama or McCain, based on the candidates' position on 10 key issues. Find more election resources for your grades 9-12 here.

9780545033695_xlg_2 Your students can follow in the footsteps of Noah McCullough, the 13-year-old author of First Kids: The True Stories of All the Presidents' Children, whose fascination with U.S. Presidents and Presidential history started with the 2000 Presidential election. He is now preparing himself to lead our nation as Commander-in-Chief in 2032. Watch our exclusive video interview with Noah McCullough.


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