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Fun at FETC 2009

Teacher_share Attending conferences and meeting teachers is my favorite perk of the job. I am always amazed by the enthusiasm and dedication that teachers have for finding and bringing their students the best resources available.

I spent last weekend at the Florida Educational Technology Conference in Orlando, demonstrating Scholastic Teacher Share beta, a new, free resource-sharing tool that allows you to find, create, and share classroom resources with other teachers.

Join our Scholastic Teacher Share beta and let us know how you would describe it in under two minutes.

Our Scholastic bloggers were also out in force on the exhibit floor and at sessions, capturing their favorite moments and products:

Thanks to all the teachers who stopped by the Scholastic booth. If you are in Austin, TX next week for the TCEA Convention, please stop by the Scholastic Booth and ask Kathy Walsh or Mark Barrett for a demo of Teacher Share.

Presidential Games & Activities for Students

7_hats_startJust in time for the Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration, Scholastic is happy to announce two new interactive activities that will help your students master the seven roles of the President and the timeline of U.S. Presidents.

The 7 Hat Challenge: Master the Roles of the President
It's 2044, and the student player has just won the Presidency of the United States. As President-elect, the student has a short time to learn the ropes. Thanks to a top-secret time machine, the student can train with former Presidents to master all 7 roles of the Presidency.

7_hats_finale With the help of Presidents from the past, students will be able to identify and describe the seven major responsibilities of the American President:  Chief Executive, Commander in Chief, Head of State, Director of Foreign Policy, Political Party Leader, Guardian of the Economy, and Legislative Leader.

After taking "The 7 Hats Challenge," students can research another President from the past and decide how his actions correspond to the seven hats and record findings on the "Which Hat?" printable.


Presidential Portrait Gallery By Kids
This past September, we asked kids across the country to choose their favorite president and draw a portrait of him for Scholastic Book Clubs first-ever "Picture a President" Drawing Contest. Nearly 12,000 students sent in drawings of U.S. Presidents -- from George Washington, to Franklin Pierce, to President-elect Barack Obama.

We've created a showcase of the winning portrait and the finalists, in addition to a portrait for each U.S. President. Watch the slideshow as a whole group activity and ask your students if they can name all 44 Presidents.

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Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration

9780545163668_xlg_4President's Obama inauguration is an unique opportunity for teachers to incorporate real-world events into classroom teaching and give their students an authentic learning experience. In reading our blogs, I am amazed at the creativity of our teachers' lessons and how they are able to connect the Presidential Inauguration with their curriculum.

Here are the best teacher ideas for President Obama's inauguration on January 20:

In addition to top ten resources for January I mentioned in my earlier post, we've recently added these Presidential Inauguration resources:

I have never been so excited about a Presidential Inauguration. Here at Scholastic, three viewing areas will be set up so that we can watch Barack Obama take the Oath of Office and give the Inaugural Address. At my sister's school, they are trying to figure out how 800 students can share this historic event when they are limited to one Internet connection and an auditorium with a maximum capacity of 250. My mom, a Chinese immigrant, will watching the live television broadcast and listening to a Chinese translation on the radio. We will be talking about this day for years to come.

Top Ten Teaching Resources for January

martin_l_king_xlg This January will be one for the history books: just days after what would have been the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s  80th birthday, America's first African-American President will be sworn in.

As Inauguration Day (January 20) approaches, more teachers are visiting Scholastic.com to find the resources they need to teach about President-elect Barack Obama and the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

We've tallied the results, and here are the top ten resources that teachers were looking at this past week (January 1-8):

  1. Commemorate the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  2. Inauguration Day Printables
  3. Winter Fun
  4. Teaching Resources for Barack Obama
  5. The Greats of 2008
  6. Celebrating the 100th Day of School
  7. Chinese New Year
  8. The Presidency of the United States
  9. Book Video Library of 150+ author interviews, book trailers, and booktalks
  10. 12 Ways to Energize Your Lessons

Here are more teaching Ideas for Martin Luther King, Jr. and Inauguration Day from Our Teacher Advisors:

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