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Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration

9780545163668_xlg_4President's Obama inauguration is an unique opportunity for teachers to incorporate real-world events into classroom teaching and give their students an authentic learning experience. In reading our blogs, I am amazed at the creativity of our teachers' lessons and how they are able to connect the Presidential Inauguration with their curriculum.

Here are the best teacher ideas for President Obama's inauguration on January 20:

In addition to top ten resources for January I mentioned in my earlier post, we've recently added these Presidential Inauguration resources:

I have never been so excited about a Presidential Inauguration. Here at Scholastic, three viewing areas will be set up so that we can watch Barack Obama take the Oath of Office and give the Inaugural Address. At my sister's school, they are trying to figure out how 800 students can share this historic event when they are limited to one Internet connection and an auditorium with a maximum capacity of 250. My mom, a Chinese immigrant, will watching the live television broadcast and listening to a Chinese translation on the radio. We will be talking about this day for years to come.


Brian Calligy


I thoroughly enjoyed your Top Ten Blog! I plan to use a few Inauguration activities with my classes. Also, I shared a few Martin Luther King, Jr. links with my teachers.
Thank you for the timely and useful links : )

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