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Presidential Games & Activities for Students

7_hats_startJust in time for the Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration, Scholastic is happy to announce two new interactive activities that will help your students master the seven roles of the President and the timeline of U.S. Presidents.

The 7 Hat Challenge: Master the Roles of the President
It's 2044, and the student player has just won the Presidency of the United States. As President-elect, the student has a short time to learn the ropes. Thanks to a top-secret time machine, the student can train with former Presidents to master all 7 roles of the Presidency.

7_hats_finale With the help of Presidents from the past, students will be able to identify and describe the seven major responsibilities of the American President:  Chief Executive, Commander in Chief, Head of State, Director of Foreign Policy, Political Party Leader, Guardian of the Economy, and Legislative Leader.

After taking "The 7 Hats Challenge," students can research another President from the past and decide how his actions correspond to the seven hats and record findings on the "Which Hat?" printable.


Presidential Portrait Gallery By Kids
This past September, we asked kids across the country to choose their favorite president and draw a portrait of him for Scholastic Book Clubs first-ever "Picture a President" Drawing Contest. Nearly 12,000 students sent in drawings of U.S. Presidents -- from George Washington, to Franklin Pierce, to President-elect Barack Obama.

We've created a showcase of the winning portrait and the finalists, in addition to a portrait for each U.S. President. Watch the slideshow as a whole group activity and ask your students if they can name all 44 Presidents.

Teaching Tips:

  • We've matched the kids' portrait with a portrait of the President that inspired them. For a challenging concentration game, print out this page and make flashcards. How fast can your students match up the presidential portraits?
  • With this lesson, students can become curators for their own Presidential Museum exhibit. They will learn to contextualize a past or current president's experience with historical events and primary sources and to personify their chosen president through a combination of research, writing, and performance.
  • Ask your students to write about which president do you admire most and why. They can post their comments here.


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