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Best Teacher Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine_Vennogram Celebrate Valentine’s Day with cross-curricular crafts and lesson plans in math, language arts, and health. Sing a Valentine's Day Song. Find out how our Teacher Advisors are incorporating Valentine's Day into their teaching.

Fourth grade teacher Angela Bunyi combined her love of books and libraries and held a discussion on how our libraries differ compared to 2,000 years ago in Greece. For this month of love, she decided to turn the Venn-Diagram into a Valentine Venn-O-Gram instead.

In Jennifer Atkinson's 1st grade classroom, her students create a “Heart to Heart” display with illustrations of phrases that contain the word "heart." Find "heart" words or phrases you can use on Jennifer's blog.

Sandra Blair, our Middle School READ 180 teacher, uses Valentine's Day vocabulary games to turn her students' distraction with this holiday into a learning opportunity.

Valentine candy writing is an engaging and hands-on writing activity. Marissa Ochoa's ELL students enjoy creating a story using the phrases on the hearts.

Alyssa Zelkowitz, our Special Education blogger, shares her HeartSmart data analysis activity as a way to maximize the Valentine's Day sugar rush. Students act as Quality Control Officials at a candy hearts factory, and they have to complete various data-gathering and analysis activities to help their employer ensure that the factory's candy production stays up to snuff.

Don't forget to send Clifford a Valentine!

Happy 200th Birthday, Abraham Lincoln!

Abraham_Lincoln This February 12 marks the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Try these 16 activities to honor our 16th President, including three reader's theaters, "The Faces of Abraham Lincoln" slideshow, and more.

Print out a free Abraham Lincoln Mini-Book, Abraham Lincoln: A Great President, a Great American, or sing a classroom song about President Lincoln.

Use these great grab-and-go lessons and books in your classroom tomorrow in celebration of Abraham Lincoln's birthday.

Send a Valentine to Clifford

Clifford_Be_Big_logo Join Clifford's national campaign to BE BIG! It's only takes a little to be big!TM

Everyone, big and small, can help raise awareness for how Clifford’s BIG Ideas (Share, Help Others, Be Kind, Be Responsible, Play Fair, Be a Good Friend, Believe in Yourself, Respect Others, Work Together and Be Truthful) can make the world a better place.

Send Clifford a Valentine Kids can participate this month by sending Clifford a Valentine.

From now until February 28th, for every Valentine's Day Card received, Scholastic will donate $1.00 to the BE BIG Fund at HandsOn Network. HandsOn Network is the largest volunteer management organization in the nation which equips, mobilizes, and inspires people to take action that changes the world. 

Top Ten Student Activities for February

Check out Scholastic.com's most popular interactive, multimedia units so far this February. Share these amazing activities for Black History Month with your students.

  1. The Top Ten African-American Inventors
  2. The Underground Railroad: Escape From Slavery
  3. Clifford Interactive Storybooks in English & Spanish
  4. Immigration: An Interactive Tour of Ellis Island
  5. Building Language for Literacy
  6. Story Starters
  7. Math Hunt: Black History
  8. Computer Lab Favorites
  9. New! Lincoln's Bicentennial
  10. Rosa Parks: How I Fought for Civil Rights

Find our Top Ten All-Time Favorite Student Activities here.

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