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Five Reindeer Teaching Ideas


Turn your students' enthusiasm for reindeers into a teaching opportunity for language arts skills.

1. Practice December vocabulary using the Five Little Reindeer poem.
2. Read this fiction/nonfiction book pair about reindeer for grades K-2.
3. Let reindeers' noses guide your students into writing a complete sentence.
4. Watch this video interview with Jan Brett talking about The Wild Christmas Reindeer.
5. Use The Wild Christmas Reindeer lesson plan to remind students how to treat others.

Get Out and Vote Today

Grouponstageweb This has been a historic election year, and no one knows this better than the Scholastic News Kid Reporters who have been on the campaign trail from the primaries to Election Day. Yesterday, at Scholastic headquarters in New York City, we invited a panel of Kid Reporters to recap their experiences with the presidential candidates. If you missed the live webcast, you can watch a video of the panel here and see photos here.

Scholastic News Kid Reporters will be working through the night to bring you and your students the latest election updates. Read the Election 2008 blog for their insights into today’s events.

At my local polling place, from students to seniors, from parents to professionals, I think we all felt that we were making history. I felt such a rush of civic pride when I pulled the lever and voted for the President of the United States. I confess I am a lapsed voter; I cast my last ballot in the 2004 Presidential election. But, I made a choice to participate in today’s election.

The kids of America voted last month, and Barack Obama won the Scholastic Presidential Poll. The kids have made their choice, now make yours!

Top 5 New Teaching Resources for November

Tf_parentteacher Reporting on Student Progress
Make tracking student progress easy with rubrics and portfolios, which can then be shared with parents during parent-teacher conferences. For first-year teachers, check out our Insider's Guide to Writing Report Cards.

Ba_cfunke_aom Cornelia Funke Is Our November Author of the Month
Watch our video interview to learn about Inkdeath, the final installment of the Ink World Trilogy. Cornelia Funke herself will join us to answer some of your questions! Your students can post their questions here.

Ba_kwaters Kate Waters Author Study
Make the study of history vibrant and relevant to your students. Use these book-based activities and lessons to have fun with Waters' unique historical perspective on Thanksgiving. Kate Waters is the author of Giving Thanks: The 1621 Harvest Feast, On the Mayflower, and Sarah Morton's Day.

Sn_econ_special_report Economy For Kids Special Report (For Grades 3-8)
This Scholastic News Special Report helps your students make sense of the economy, how it works, and what makes it such a vital part of our lives. Our collection of teaching resources includes advice on how to talk to your students about the financial crisis.

484x235_holiday Holidays Around the World -- New Interactive Unit for Grades 2-8
Students explore interactive scrapbooks to learn more about Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Make a scrapboook of your students' holiday traditions using free clip art images. Students can also read about many other holidays throughout the year and around the world.

Election WebQuest & Video

This is an exciting time in the lives of Americans, because we are actively involved in choosing the leader of our country. Even though a citizen has to be 18 years old to vote, kids can still be involved and informed!

In this presidential election WebQuest project for grades 3-8, students work in pairs to create campaign materials for each of the Presidential candidates. They will become familiar with election vocabulary, the candidates’ backgrounds and their position on key issues.

Nyt_upfront_110308_cover In the Special Election Edition of The New York Times Upfront magazine, high school students can decide who they would vote for, Obama or McCain, based on the candidates' position on 10 key issues. Find more election resources for your grades 9-12 here.

9780545033695_xlg_2 Your students can follow in the footsteps of Noah McCullough, the 13-year-old author of First Kids: The True Stories of All the Presidents' Children, whose fascination with U.S. Presidents and Presidential history started with the 2000 Presidential election. He is now preparing himself to lead our nation as Commander-in-Chief in 2032. Watch our exclusive video interview with Noah McCullough.

Motivate Teens to Read With Video Booktalks

Video booktalks are a fun, visual way to get your students excited about reading. Share these videos to introduce new teen reads:

9780545040525_xlgAirhead by Meg Cabot (Grades 7-12)
After a bizarre accident, Em wakes up to find she's no longer herself, and there's no way to fix it.

Watch a video interview with Meg Cabot describing the main character of Airhead.

9780439870320_xlgBox Out by John Coy (Grades 7-12)
A basketball player discovers how to stand up for himself when he stands up for what's right.

0545005426_xlgMoribito  by Nahoko Uehashi (Grades 5-12)
When Balsa saw the prince fall from the bridge, her destiny took an unexpected turn.

9780439899277_xlgSuite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson (Grades 7-12)
The Hopewell Hotel and its owners finally found something to hope for when Mrs. A moved into the Empire Suite.

9780439916240_xlgSunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers (Grades 7-12)
Vietnam. Iraq. Different generations. Different wars. But the experiences of the soldiers who fought in them are all too similar.

Booktalks can happen at any time throughout the school day, linked to any block in which reading is important. Encourage your students to watch more video booktalks or create their own booktalks.

October Book Clubs Teaching Resources

00_firefly_2 Scholastic Book Clubs are the easiest and most affordable way to find and order the books kids love. It's now even easier to incorporate these books into your teaching. We've created a free teaching resources guide of lesson plans, booktalks, and discussion guides that match the monthly Book Club books.

01_seesaw_3 Start at Scholastic Book Clubs Online for free resources like exclusive Author of the Month videos, parent guides, reading level lists, and downloadable letters for you to send home.

23_lucky_4 You can also enter contests to win a school visit from Jerry Pallotta, or a school visit from Mary Pope Osborne and cast members from Magic Tree House: The Musical, or a  writing workshop with Gordon Korman .

46_arrow_3 If you've already ordered from Book Clubs this year and have received your books, check out our free teaching resources guide to the September Book Club books.

79_tab_3 Visit the On Our Minds @ Scholastic blog for more information about the Book Clubs' 60th anniversary.

Top 5 New Teaching Resources for October

Tf_teachadvisors09_080728 The Homework Dilemma
The debate around the usefulness of homework to advance student learning has been raging for many years. Our Teacher Advisors share their thoughts and strategies for making homework meaningful and relevant to their students' learning.

484x235_rriordan Rick Riordan, Scholastic.com's Author of the Month
Watch our video interview to learn about his new adventure series The 39 Clues, and then continue the conversation by asking your questions on the Message Board. Rick Riordan himself will join us in October to answer some of your questions!

484x235_spacefrontier Celebrate NASA's 50th Anniversary on October 1
Get students excited about exploring the space frontier with new slideshows, an interactive timeline, and a Web Hunt.

Tf_nfpa_game_0809 Fire Prevention Week Is October 5-11
Join Sparky the Fire Dog on a campaign to prevent home fires. Help Sparky make sure the White House is fire-safe.

Tf_global_climate_polar_bear Global Climate Change Explained
An American Museum of Natural History scientist shares his cutting-edge research. Extend the learning with a slideshow, student articles, and a video interview with Ed Mathez, a geologist and curator of a new exhibition at the Museum called Climate Change: The Threat to Life & A New Energy Future.

Videos: Olympics, Author Read-Alouds

My friend Sonja and I have vowed to avoid all Olympics news bulletins because we want to see for ourselves who wins the women's all-around gymnastics competition tomorrow night.

Our Scholastic News Kid Reporters had a chance to interview Olympic contenders Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin this spring.


These are just a few of the videos available in our video resource library. You're only one click from hundreds of free videos: author interviews, author read-alouds, video booktalks, classroom tours, and professional development webinars.

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